The storage of energy is the future. Storage makes you entirely independent of the grid, which will result in future cost-efficiency. Libra Energy has already prepared for this future and can offer you the following energy storage solutions.

SolaX Hybrid

The ground-breaking X-Hybrid is much more than just an inverter. It is an intelligent, integrated system that manages the energy you generate effectively and efficiently. The X-Hybrid works by storing surplus energy in batteries for later use.  The Hybrid ‘E’ also has built-in EPS (Emergency Power Supply) functionality, allowing the end user to make use of their stored energy in the event of a power outage.  The ‘E’ series can also work as a completely off-grid system.


  • Maximum efficiency of 97.6%
  • SolaX X-Hybrid inverters have a maximum DC input voltage of 550V
  •  Use up to 85% of the generated solar energy.
  • Standard 10 year warranty on both X-Hybrid inverters.
  • Monitor your PV system anywhere in the world in real-time.
  • The X-Hybrid inverter has low-noise temperature controlled fans for heat management


The British company Powervault was founded in 2012 and its headquarter is based in London. The simple, affordable and practical solution helps customers store and use their energy efficiently.

Features of Powervault:

  • 100% designed and assembled in Britain
  • Products especially designed for the average UK home
  • Compatible with all solar PV systems
  • Very easy to install
  • Low cost product

Want to learn more about Powervault? Click here for a video


StorEdge is the latest development from Israeli brand SolarEdge.  The StorEdge solution enables households to maximise consumption of their own generated energy via energy storage. The StorEdge interface can be connected to a SolarEdge inverter. This regulates the electricity supply to the Tesla battery, where excess electricity is stored. Previously stored energy is used on those occasions that the sun supplies insufficient energy.

StorEdge features

  • Can be added to an existing SolarEdge system
  • Maximises consumption of own generated energy
  • Specially-developed for residential projects
  • Simple installation
  • Built-in monitoring system