Libra Energy sells only certificated mounting systems produced from the highest quality materials. We have a solution for every type of roof.


Clenergy is founded in Australia but now has offices all over the world including the UK. Clenergy’s products and services have become synonymous with quality and innovation, delivering a wide range of solutions to the industry.

Clenergy features

  • Mounting systems designed to suit the majority of homes
  • Suitable for use with all types of solar panels
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Designs that complement your existing building
  • Built to last


Flatfix Fusion

Flatfix Fusion is the latest Esdec component. It is a revolutionary lightweight flat-roof system that can be used for almost all flat roofs.

FlatFix Fusion features 

  • Specially-developed features for higher efficiency
  • Calculation tool available in our webshop
  • 20-year guarantee
  • Extensively tested material
  • Extremely simple installation

Van der Valk Solar

The Dutch company Van der Valk Solar systems has been a system supplier since 1963. It offers a wide range of mounting systems.

Van der Valk features

  • Huge stock enables fast and reliable deliveries
  • All systems can be used on every type of roof or sub-surface
  • Various systems are also available as ready-made kits
  • Pre-assembly ensures fast mounting
  • All systems are available in both portrait and landscape configuration

GSE Intégration

GSE Intégration is a French company, part of Groupe Solution Energy. GSE has designed a unique in-roof system that offers many advantages.

GSE Intégration features

  • Suitable for almost all solar panels
  •  Ideal for solar energy systems on new-build homes
  •  Aesthetic solution
  •  Limited number of parts
  • Cost-effective