Energy Savings

Save money for a better environment. Energy saving products will become more important in the near future. The use of these products will also save money.


The JouleTherm range of electric radiators are manufactured using the latest in thermal technologies combined with electronic thermostats for accurate control of your heating. the system contains of electric radiators and touchscreen controller. Each model is fitted with a built in LCD Thermostat and wireless RF receiver which makes the system very easy to set up a complete central heating system.

Features of the JouleTherm electric radiators:

  • Doesn’t require pipes, gas or oil to operate
  • Fully controlled heating system
  • Can supplement existing systems to heat those hard to heat rooms
  • Can be used as full heating system or stand alone
  • Can avail of economy heating tariffs and night rate electricity tariffs
  • Up to 40 radiators can be controlled from one central location



“Matt:e Ltd are a Manufacturing / Research Development and innovation company. Many of the solutions offered, are at point of release – the first of their kind in the market. Matt:e voltage optimizer products either enhance – performance , increase control, or visibility and often preserve system longevity but always derive a fiscal benefit.

Features of Matt:e

  • Products are always fully tested prior to leaving the ISO 9001 production facilities
  • Solutions are born out of user experience and solving issues for installers
  • Good Value for your money
  • All products are made in the UK
  • The first of their kind in the market




Integral LED

Integral LED is built upon 25 years of experience in technology products. The LED market is innovative and evolving fast. This is exactly what Integral LED stands for. Integral LED products have won an array of awards which are a testament to their mission to create high quality products that offer value.

Features of Integral LED:

  • Over 100 million products sold through thousands of retailers and resellers
  • Aim: developing the right LED products for the right application in terms of quality, function and reliability
  • Mission: Bringing the latest high quality technology products to the market at competitive prices
  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • Wide range of LED products